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Clubs can have multiple managers for Curling I/O. Each of the managers is granted the same level of access.

If you want to give access to an outside party for just a specific league or competition, then you don't add them as a club manager. You can find information about event managers here.

Finding Managers

You can access the list of all the managers at your club, by clicking on Managers in the top right Club dropdown in the top navigation bar.

Curlers Navigation

Adding Managers

You can add another manager to your club by entering their name and email address into the form at the top of the screen and clicking the Create Manager button.

Curlers Navigation

Curling I/O will send an email to the email address entered inviting them to join the club management (admin) area. The email will contain a link to the admin dashboard.

We recommend managers bookmark the admin area to avoid confusion between the public and administration sections of your Curling I/O site.

Removing Managers

We highly recommend that you remove staff from your Curling I/O management when they are no longer with the club. You can do so by clicking the Delete link next to the manager you wish to remove. This doesn't delete their account, as they may have curler profiles and participate in leagues themselves, but it does remove them from your club management.