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Curling I/O by default will ask your curlers to accept a waiver during registration, but only once per season. We also keep a snapshot of the waiver that was accepted for future reference if it's ever needed. These snapshots along with which waivers have been accepted can be found in the Reports section.

You can customize or completely replace these waivers, or you can simply disable our waivers if you'd rather manage that process yourself at the club.

The default waivers come from Curling Canada's Business of Curling program. Occasionally we may need to update these default waivers, and will let you know via our system alerts (notifications that show up at the top of the page that you can dismiss). When we do make changes to the default waivers, it will only affect you if you are not already using customized versions. We will never update your customized waivers, only the default templates.

Customizing Waivers

You can find your waivers within the admin area. Click on the Club dropdown menu in the top bar and then click on Waivers.

Curlers Navigation

You should see three waivers listed:

  • Adult
  • Youth
  • COVID-19

To customize a waiver, simply click the Customize link next to it.


You can then choose whether or not the waiver is enabled by checking the Active checkbox. Waivers are active by default when your Curling I/O instance is created.

To customize the content of your waiver, just edit the Body Text of the waiver. We use a popular format named markdown for text editing. Markdown allows you to add basic formatting to text. You can find more information on Markdown here.

When done, click the "Update Waiver" button and your changes will be saved.

Resetting back to Defaults

You can revert a waiver to it's default, undoing your changes, at any time by clicking "Reset to default" next to the waiver on the waiver list screen.

Reset to default