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Registering for a League

Step by Step

  1. Find the league you want to join in the leagues section.
  2. Click on the "Add to cart" or "Register" button next to the league. If you don't see a button, then the league is either sold out, and hasn't opened up registrations yet.
  3. Next you'll be asked to login or sign up. All you need for this step is an email address. Click the "Login / Sign Up" button to continue. If you run into issues logging in, please see our How do I Login? article.
  4. Once logged in, you will be taken back to your "Cart". You should see an "Information required" link next to the league. You'll need to assign a curler profile to the league by clicking the "Information required" link.
  5. If you haven't created a curler profile yet, you'll be prompted to fill out a form with your curler information. Fill out this form to the best of your ability and click the "Save and continue" button. If you already have a curler profile from a previous registration, you'll be asked to choose a curler profile or create a new one.
  6. You may now be asked to review and accept a waiver. You will be instructed to type either "I agree" or "We agree" (for juniors) in order to continue. You only need to agree to this waiver once per season per curler.
  7. You will now be prompted to fill out any other information specific to the league you selected. Possibly your lineup or the name of your team. Click the "Save and continue" button once you've filled out the required information.
  8. You should now be taken back to your cart. If this is the first time registering a curler this season you will probably see some additional fees automatically added to your cart.
  9. You can now complete your registration by selecting a payment method: "Credit / Debit" or "Cash / Cheque". If you choose the "Cash / Cheque" option you'll need to make arrangements to pay us the amount owed.

Walkthrough Video

The following video will take you through the basics of registration for a league. If you're new to Curling I/O and struggling, it might be worth watching.