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Book an Onboarding Session

The goal of an onboarding session is to get the leagues, fees, discounts, and products setup to mirror your club's operations, and answer any questions you may have. The onboarding session is mandatory before you can start using Curling I/O.

We require that attendees review our tutorial videos and documentation prior to booking an onboarding session. A lengthy demo / sales process would require us to charge significantly more, which we don't think our clubs want. We've provided extensive tutorial videos so you can evaluate Curling I/O yourself.

The onboarding process is a screenshare where we walk through the club setup with you in real time and make sure you're ready to start taking registrations by the end of it. Multiple stakeholders can and should attend the same session. You will be granted administrator access to your club's Curling I/O instance at the end of the onboarding session.

Please understand that we cannot run multiple onboarding sessions for your club due to key stakeholders not attending. Everyone who will be using our platform should have some familiarity with Curling I/O (please have them watch our videos) and be present during your onboarding session.

Select one of the times below to book your onboarding session.