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Curler Profiles


Curler profiles in Curling I/O are persistent and can be used again for future registrations in the same or future seasons or even at other clubs or membership associations without needing to re-enter all of your information.

You can also create profiles for your children or someone you are a legal guardian for, all on the same account.

When creating a curler profile if you have more than one email address, you can enter them in the primary and secondary email address fields. Doing so, will ensure that if you accidentally login with one of these alternative email addresses, you will still be able to see and use your curler profile for registrations.

Creating a Curler Profile

If you've never registered with Curling I/O before then you'll most likely be asked to create a new curler profile. Once you've created a curler profile it will be available for all future registrations (no need to keep keying in the same information).

Just follow the instructions and fill in the required information to continue.

After creating your profile you may be asked to accept one or more waivers specific to your club before you can continue.

Updating a Curler Profile

If you previously registered for a league, competition, or product you probably have a curler profile in our system. You can make changes to your profile at any time following these steps.

Make sure you login with the same email address you used to create the profile, or an email address that is associated with the profile (primary or secondary email for the curler). If you aren't, then you won't be able to see or make changes to your curler profile.

Click on the "Curler(s)" link in the top navigation or in the top right "Account" dropdown.

You can now edit your curler profile(s).

Privacy Concerns

Rest assured that the Curling I/O business model isn't to inundate you with advertisements, monopolize your attention, or sell your data like some other popular online platforms.

If you're concerned about who will see your Curler data however, please review our privacy statement and terms of use for more details.