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Walkthrough Video

The following video will take you, the curling club or event manager, through the basics of scoring for a league or competition. If you're new to Curling I/O, it's worthwhile to watch this before wading through the rest of our documentation.

Finding the Scores Section

You can record the results of each of your games within a league or competition. To get to the scores screen, first click on the name of a league or competition.

Events List

You should then see a list of tabs near the top. Click on the Scores tab.

Scores Navigation

Select the Game to Score

To enter a result for one of your games, simply click on the name of the game.

Select a Game

This will open up the game window.

Scoring a Game

With the game window open, you can click the button for who won or lost, which will automatically select the opposite option for the opponent. You can optionally enter a score if you want to keep track.

Scoring a Game

Click the Save button when you're done to save the changes.