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Event Managers

Walkthrough Video

The following video will take you, the curling club manager, through the basics of granting access just to the event features for a league or competition. If you're new to Curling I/O, it's worthwhile to watch this before wading through the rest of our documentation.

Finding the Event Managers Section

You can grant a user restricted access to manage specific leagues or competitions without letting them to the rest of your club's administration area. For example if you had a commercial league that was managed by someone who isn't a club staff member, or you wanted to grant only game scoring access to a tablet at the club. To get to the event managers screen, first click on the name of a league or competition.

Events List

You should then see a list of tabs near the top. Click on the Event managers tab.

Event Managers Navigation

Adding an Event Manager

To add a manager to a specific league or competition, first click on the New event manager button.

On the next screen, enter the name of the manager and their email address to invite them to manage the league or competition.

You can also restrict what they'll have access to by checking / unchecking the different sections listed.

Add Event Manager

When done, click the Create Event manager button and an email will be sent to the email address provided letting them know that they now have access to manage the league or competition. A link to manage the league or competition is included in the email.

Removing an Event Manager

You can remove an event manager by click the Remove link next to the manager.